Playing with a program online may become boring to any player, so in order to provide more excitement, casinos introduce live rooms. Blackjack is not an exception. This is a high sequence game and playing with a real dealer for real money offers lots of excitement in real-time environment.

There is a wide range of online live blackjack casinos, which is offered to the public and it clearly has some advantages over playing traditional online method:

  • There is a live chat feature available
  • The latest, cutting-edge technologies that are used
  • Blackjack can be enjoyed at any time
  • This is a real time game
  • Real dealer ads plenty of realty experience

This is a truly unforgettable time and the atmosphere will be just like in the real casino.

How players can play live?

Live blackjack online casino is just like any other online casinos but the dealer is real as well as the table layout. The whole action is performed live. Everything is processed as usual just like in real time environment as though a player is play in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

The rules will have to be known, which are the same as in original game where you have to reach 21 and not to exceed it as well as the value of hands that a player has should be more than dealer has where:

  • Numbers on cards have its face value
  • A is 11 or 1, which can be changed to avid the bust when your come closer to 21
  • K, Q, J are all counted as 10

Player must get as close to 21 as possible.

Features of the game

Live blackjack online casino game has some unique features and making bets whilst playing it found to be more interesting by many individuals. Many people outline the following features as purely outstanding and encouraging to play more and more. It may be defined as follows:

  • It has distinctive easy to view grid
  • Double on any card feature is widespread
  • Side bets are allowed in most cases
  • Multi table is allowed by some providers
  • Making double on splits is found in most of blackjack rooms

There are even more features that can be found and these are the live rooms that offer more of it than the traditional ones.

How to choose best blackjack live casino?

Best online live blackjack casino can be chosen purely on players preferences. This is all due to the fact that live blackjack online casino and its dealers are parts of well-established casinos, so players look at financial benefits in the first place and then other conveniences:

  • Matching bonus
  • Opportunity to receive more bonuses on account’s top up
  • Ability to make more double and side bets
  • Make sure that the room is suited to a person in terms of layout
  • Ensure that payout ratios are ideal for a person

The rest are purely technical aspects, so players need to receive financial rewards as well as the gameplay has to be comfortable.

Live blackjack top casinos 2019

Before live blackjack online casino is selected and a card is flipped over, it is vital to have a look at the whole list of casinos that are regarded to be the best this year:

  • Jackpot city
  • Betway casino
  • 888Casino
  • Party casino
  • Mr Green casino

The list could be continued but the above mentioned are widely regarded as the best online gambling resources.